Kids Kung Fu Orange County

Kids Kung Fu Orange County
Kids Kung Fu Orange County
Reef LeRoux - Future Kung Fu Master
Welcome to The Dragon Institute's Kids Kung Fu Orange County. Located in Dana Point, CA, we are proud of our award-winning program for kids ages 5 and up!

Kids Love Kung Fu!
First of all, let's not "kid" ourselves, kids love Kung Fu! Who could blame them? They love feeling awesome! And that's what our Orange County Kung Fu for kids does. Make no mistake, our kung fu classes make kids feel awesome! Kids feel empowered, confident, focused and centered.

Expert Instructors for Kids Kung Fu Orange County
It's not a secret. We are very good at what we do! Connecting with children in a way that takes them to higher levels isn't easy for many people. We have the expertise to build your child into the principal-based leader they were meant to be. We love kids and we love making them feel the way that they are supposed to feel.
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